We offer treatment of over 45 different medical conditions related to the:

  • Skeletal and muscular systems

  • Nervous system

  • Reproductive system

  • Respiratory system

  • Skin

  • Metabolism


The mud therapies offered in GRAND HOTEL POMORIE possess strong anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties, at the same time improving the metabolism. The lime is suitable for treating knee pains, coxofemoral joints, as well as back and spinal pains.

One of the unique properties of the Pomorie salt lake mud is the positive effect it has on the reproductive system of the human organism, especially in the treatment of sterility. Gynecological mud application is suitable for the treatment of the female reproductive system, especially parametritis and sterility.

The mud treatment center offers 18 individual compartments for mud procedures and two VIP rooms, equipped with tubs, capable of picking up the patient while he or she is in an upright position, and amplifying the effects of the mud treatment by wave-like movements, reminiscent of the sea waves. The mud is delivered to the center directly from the Pomorie salt lake, using a specially designed system for transferring mud.

Compresses with lye, paraffin and fangoparaffin possess a distinctive anti-inflammatory, pain relieving effect, especially in the back area, the knees, the shoulder joints and the hands. In order to successfully apply those treatments, GRAND HOTEL POMORIE is equipped with the latest in the world of technology.


The center for physiotherapy is located on the second floor of GRAND HOTEL POMORIE. There are several rooms, equipped to offer low, high and ultrahigh frequency current treatments, which offer anti-inflammatory and pain relieving procedures, suitable for treating joint pains, otitis, sinusitis, tooth pains, stimulation of damaged muscular tissues and others.


Take part in the group activities or talk with one of our kinesitherapists to create an individual program for medicinal gymnastics, analytical gymnastics and specialized medicinal gymnastics with mechanotherapy, for the treatment of diseases of the skeletal and muscular systems, such as coxarthrosis, discopathy, disc hernia and others.


The expensive high tech equipment of the center offers laser and puva therapy, which add to the uniqueness of the spa complex.

Laser therapy is used where an anti-inflammatory and pain relieving effect is required, by using a laser beam for treatment. It is suitable for treating inflammatory conditions of joints, muscles and tendons. In addition, it can be used for cosmetic procedures.

Puva therapy offers sector “A” ultraviolet light exposure, which has an extremely favorable effect over skin regeneration. It is mainly used for treating psoriasis.


Magnetotherapy has an extremely powerful anti-inflammatory and pain relieving effect in treating conditions of the skeletal and muscular systems, post-fractural conditions and diseases of the peripheral nervous system.


Transcomtherapy, or Hydrocolontherapy, is a newly developed and extremely useful procedure for hydrotherapy of the colon, using water and water based solutions, using high-tech equipment. The aim of this therapy is to separate persistent and old accumulations on the colons surface, caused by modern processed food consumption.

By undergoing this therapy, you will overcome the feeling of tiredness, depression, lack of concentration, nervous conditions, aggression, migraine and skin inflammations. The therapy is extremely favorable for people with prostatic gland disorders, ovitis, intestine disorders, gas, liver diseases, kidney diseases, dry skin, eczemas, allergies, as well as a preventive measure against cancer of the colon.

And many more…