GRAND HOTEL POMORIE offers five swimming pools, which allow our guest to flirt with the water all year round and enjoy its medicinal properties

The hotel park has three outdoor swimming pools, one of which is heated and is connected with a 16 person Jacuzzi and a pool for kids, located inside the hotel.

The covered Salt Mineral swimming pool, using water from the Pomorie spring, is unique for the country. The water springs from over 70 meters beneath the surface, which guarantees a high level of purity. It is several times saltier than seawater, and possesses strong anti-inflammatory and pain relieving effects. The water improves the body metabolism. It is appropriate for treating knee pains, coxofemoral joints, back and spinal pains.

Please be advised that Due to the fact that no chemicals are used to clean the salt mineral pool, monthly maintenance of the facilities related to its operation is required. For this reason, please find the maintenance dates on which the pool will be closed on the following link