Dear Guests,

The constantly changing situation on a national and global scale has imposed the need for new and working solutions regarding the safety and security for all of us. Your safety has always been our highest priority.

We have always wanted to provide the best for you and to continue to do so, we used the time in which we were not together to upgrade our own safety and security standards and protocols!

Our entire team has united around the need to offer you working solutions for your safety and security and that’s the reason behind our brand new Safety Policy – “Blue Wave”.

The blue color has always been associated with the sea, sky and the freedom, but few of you know that since ancient times it has symbolizes purity, honesty and a virtues.

Our BlueWave policy:

Healthy solutions

We have implemented the highest requirements and standards for hygiene in the food preparation for our guests and placed additional partitions on our buffet for greater protection. Everything we prepare is done in front of you with our innovative concept “Show cooking”! We have created an entirely new Detox menu. In addition to all above our buffet will offer you a wide variety of healthy culinary solutions to start your day in the best possible way.

Personal hygiene and portable hand sanitizers

At each entrance of the hotel, elevator, in our spa center and in front of the restaurant and our conference halls, as well as in front of each bathroom, our guests have access to a hygienic station containing disinfectants with hand sanitizer.

Areas with common access at Grand Hotel Pomorie

We have multiplied the frequency of cleaning and disinfection of all common areas and areas with high load. We clean and disinfect all surfaces only with detergents approved by the Bulgarian Ministry of Health.

Social distance

We have placed signs and markings in our common areas to remind guests to keep their distance.

Our rooms

In our rooms we have upgraded our protocols for complete cleaning and all hard frequently touched surfaces are disinfected before check-in. For your convenience and personal preference you will be asked at reception desk for your personal preferences regarding room cleaning.

When washing bed linen and towels we use certified textile products and high enough temperatures to ensure sterilization.

Our staff

All employees of Grand Hotel Pomorie wear personal protective equipment and have undergone training related to the safety and security of all guests. All our employees go through a strict pass-through regime on a daily basis by measuring their body temperature and assessing their general health before entering and starting work at the Hotel.

Our brand new cleaning and disinfection technologies

We have implemented new technologies for cleaning and disinfection in the Food and Beverage Department by using professional machines for cleaning and disinfection of all utensils and dishes. All utensils go through a polishing and disinfecting machine before they reach you.

In the Housekeeping Department we use a special dosing station to prepare the right amounts of cleaning products to minimize the risk of allergies among our guests.

Our promise

We continue to follow national and global situation regarding the Covid 19 outbreak and therefore we do partner with all leading local and global companies and organizations to ensure your health and safety.