therapies and procedures

mud AND lye treatments

In the Grand Hotel Pomorie, a mud transfer system has been built, through which the mud extracted from the lake undergoes heat treatment and goes directly to the mud treatment sector. In this way, we have the opportunity to fully use the healing power of Pomorie mud, which loses its healing properties by half within 24 hours after contact with oxygen.
Despite the rapid development of the pharmaceutical industry, mud therapy is still of great importance, due to its positive influence on chronic diseases that pharmaceuticals cannot yet help.

Pomorie salt lake

The Pomorie salt lake is located in the northeastern part of Pomorie. The lake was formed naturally thousands of years ago by the gradual accumulation of sand embankments that separate it from the sea. Such lakes are called lagoons. The water enters it naturally, when the sea is stormy, when it floods the sandbank, and artificially through a constructed channel. The water-salt balance of the lake is very variable because after the strong evaporation during the summer months, its salinity increases several times compared to the levels from the beginning of the year. This contributes to the formation of the two main healing products of the lake – Estuary healing mud and lye.

Healing mud

Mud from Lake Pomorie is a natural product with extremely valuable healing properties. It is formed at the bottom of the Pomorie lake as a result of a number of biological, chemical and microbiological processes. It is composed of numerous organic and inorganic substances that have an active curative-prophylactic effect on the human body.


The lye is obtained after evaporation in the salt pans of the water from Lake Pomorie and the crystallization of the salt. Compresses with lye are the most popular method of lye treatment. The lye is heated to 37-38 ℃, after which it is applied in the form of a compress to the problem areas. Foot therapy has a beneficial effect in diseases of the musculoskeletal system, rheumatic diseases, traumatic-orthopedic diseases and in neurological diseases.