salt mineral


The heart of the spa center of Grand Hotel Pomorie. The spring with salty mineral water was discovered quite by accident during the construction of the hotel. The analyzes revealed that the water springing from 70m below the level of the hotel is almost 6 times saltier than that of the Black Sea. It has an extremely rich mineral composition, which determines its healing power.


The salt mineral pool has a borehole water source located on the territory of the hotel complex with Water Absorption Permit No. 21590286/07/01/2019. The physico-chemical analysis of the water shows high mineralization (56428.8 mg/l) and belongs to strongly mineral waters. The mineral water is hypothermal (28oC), with an alkaline reaction (pH 7.8). It is characterized as sodium-chloride-sulfate (15254.8-25829.4-8443.7 mg/l), containing metasilicic acid and fluorine.


Due to its high mineralization, this mineral water is suitable for the treatment and prevention of a number of common diseases according to precisely defined methods:


The indications and contraindications for the therapeutic and prophylactic use of salt mineral water are based on scientific research studies with similar mineral waters and on the basis of a scientific balneological forecast.

According to Regulation No. 14/87,95 of the Ministry of Health “Pomorie” mineral water, due to the high total mineralization, cannot be bottled and used as table water for free daily consumption!