Treatments and spa packages specially designed for relaxation, rejuvenation and overall wellness!

Take time and embrace total relaxation within a universe of luxury and pure pleasure. Our facial and body procedures restore inner peace and eliminate all the tension and stress out of your body and mind.







“Bulgarian Classic” SPA Package

100 mins

– Full body classic massage
– Oxygen awakening
– Facial Procedure

“Eastern Magic” SPA Package

110 mins

– The Magic of India
– The WIShpro therapy – 1 ampoule

“Aroma” SPA package

60 mins

– Aromatherapy – partial massage
– Facial massage

“Pleasure” SPA package

70 mins

– Body polishing
– Rice therapy for body

“Relax” SPA package

135 mins

– Relaxing anti-stress massage
– Geothermal therapy
– Facial Procedure Hydradermie Double Ionization

“Vitamin C” SPA package

130 mins

– Vitamin C Rejuvenating therapy for body
– Vitamin C citrus peeling for face


Gourmet therapy maintained in VIP Room Andromeda

60 mins

This is an organic body ritual where the body is embraced by a silk veil of special balsamic selection. It includes 3 different massage types with dry flotation, embracing the body with silk veil of balsams and chromorelax.

“Escapade aux Mojos”

Gourmet Therapy in VIP Room Andromeda

90 mins

Organic body therapies with special selection of aromatic herbs and mojo stones. It includes a massage with herbal balls and “mojo “stones, hand massage, massage with bio apricot oil, dry flotation, delicate herbal peeling and chromorelax.

Spa Ritual “Him & Her”

50 mins

Please yourself with a great experience, shared with your loved one! Our specialists will help you forget the weariness and recharge your body and mind with new positive feelings by aromatherapy and relaxing music. The therapy includes: relaxing aromatherapy which combines the massage effect with the healing quality of the essential oils; fruits; fresh drink and champagne.

Anhialo Special Peeling

90 mins

The therapy combines the Oriental traditions and philosophy of the Far East. It starts with sweating of the body in a steam bath, rubbing with a kese mitten/glove, then the guest washes himself with aromatic soap foam. The body is cleaned from the dead layer of skin. It ends with a combination of relaxing and reflex massages.

Sultan Massage | Hamam

40 mins

Oriental procedure for full-body cleaning. After a warm bath, a therapist removes the excess layer of dead cells on your skin with a special glove. There follows an aromatic foam massage with natural soap scented with Bulgaria rose oil. Sultan massage eliminates harmful toxic substances from your body and improves blood circulation. The formation of “orange skin” associated with cellulite is delayed.

Egyptian Massage

60 mins

The procedure is carried out in an Egyptian Bath as the body after sweating in a steam bath, the client lies on a warmed plate and layer of mud from the Pomorie Salt Lake is placed on his body. A solar lamp is turned on, washing with salted mineral water follows, in which the body is exfoliated and saturated with mine

Pleasures of the Harem

90 mins

A luxurious treatment in the tradition of the bath ritual of the Arabian palaces that will pamper you from head to toe and envelope you in exquisite scents. Starts with enjoying the steam. Then your hair will be washed and a hair treatment mask with arganoil is applied to nourish your hair. Black Soap is applied to your body, and the dead skin cells are scrubbed off revealing a radiant and soft skin. A body mask of Rasul scented with rose water will nourish your skin. Indulge in a 30 minutes full body Candle Massage with the scent of your choice, and a Hair serum of argan oil is applied to your hair to leave it soft and shiny.

Sugar Peeling

20 mins

Body exfoliation which softens and hydrates the skin.

SPA Therapy With Warm Eco-Honey and Herbal Honey Peeling

75 mins

Starting with ritual plunge of feet in а cooper pot with honey and milk and aroma therapeutic foot massage. Following by cleaning with honey foam, warm herbal- honey scrub, body massage with gel milk and honey and herb oil, body wrapping with cream-mask Honey and Milk and massage with warm Rhodopes tiles.Deep cleansing and soothing therapy.

SPA Ritual Rose Blossom and Bouquet of Essential Oils

80 mins

Includes ritual plunge of feet in а cooper pot with honey and milk and aroma therapeutic foot massage. It continues with aroma body massage with gel with rose petals and rose oil and body wrapping with cream-mask Rose Blossom. Effect: moisturizing, soft smooth skin, relax.

SPA Ritual Bulgarian Yoghurt

60 mins

Starting with ritual plunge of feet in а cooper pot with honey and milk and aroma therapeutic foot massage. Following by cleaning with aromatic toner Rose Blossom, body scrub with a soft lizing gel Yoghurt with lactic acid, body massage with massage cream with milk ferment + herbal massage oil, body wrapping with cream mask Yoghurt with milk proteins and final body nourishing with cream gel.

Bulgarian Yoghurt.Effect: Rejuvenating treatment for silky smooth skin.

Vitamin C Rejuvenating Body Therapy | Natura Bisse

80 mins

Anti-age ritual for relaxation and hydration. A crystal pure orange fine peeling and aroma mask contributing to quick refreshing relaxation of body and mind. Thanks to the incredible massage using cream saturated with Vitamin C, you shall enjoy incredible sensations, and chromotherapy-and-jacuzzi effect bath-tub shall make you feel like in a tropical paradise.

On your body: light drizzle, stream murmuring sound, streaming water drops. You shall really relax while your body is deeply hydrated and rejuvenated.

Diamond Scents – Body Ritual

75 mins

Unique luxurious experience – a waft from the Far East, sprinkled with diamond dust. The therapy begins with balancing of chakras, followed by magnet-therapy for elimination of electro-magnetic accumulations and massage for elimination of stress from daily routine. The final product of the therapy has glittering consistency from micronized iron and real diamond dust, which glitters on the skin for days.

Anti-Cellulite Massage

40 mins

This massage assists in the cellulite reduction. It involves the use of special equipment and essential oils.

Rice Enjoyment – Rice therapy for the body and soul

75 mins

Weight loss, silky soft skin and tone therapy. The main ingredients are also an effective selection for anti-aging effect. The treatment includes a mask, wrapping with a thermal blanket, and it ends with rubbing of a rice extract based moisturizing product.

Weight Reducing Ritual With Liana – a weight-loss and anti-cellulite ritual

90 mins | 120 mins

Enjoying the contouring massage with ‘lianas’, your body becomes visibly re- sculptured. You are being engulfed by the slightly piquant but incredible aroma of red lianas from Peru and berries from the Amazon. They help you lose weight, reduce cellulite, and smooth your skin. Slender and firm like a liana, your figure restores its natural good looks.

LPG Massage

35 mins

The cellulite massage uses modern equipment to substantially increase the blood and lymph circulation and to treat the affected areas as well as to assist in the cellulite reduction.
• Package of 10 procedures
• Package of 10 procedures LPG and 5 Bodyter
• Individual LPG – knitted wear

Lymph drainage

20 mins

It is an appliance massage that focuses on a lymph node and reduces blockages in the lymphatic system. The procedure improves metabolism and overall well- being.


40 mins

Bodyter is an appliance designed for fighting cellulite. It uses low power and lowfrequency treatment to maintain muscle tone and well-being of the entire body.

Radio Frequency Body Lifting

40 mins

Tightens skin, stimulates collagen synthesis, shapes silhouette, reduces cellulite and weight reducing effects.
• A package of 3 procedures
• A package of 5 procedures
• A package of 8 procedures

Ionithermie Body Detox

60 mins

Is a method for removing cellulite, improving the tonus of the muscles and the skin, losing centimeters and detoxification through a combination of ionization and stimulation of muscles with the help of cosmetic products: feeble and firming gel, placing slimming ampoule followed by mask with seaweed.

The Magic of India

80 mins

The procedure is a combination of Shirodhara and Abhayanga massages. Soothing warm sesame oil trickle gently spills on the “third eye” to release the tension. Healing, soothing and toxin eliminating massage on the energy centers of the body relaxes the muscles and strengthens immunity.

Geothermal Therapy

75 mins

Relaxing anti-stress massage used for balancing the energy of the human body with the energy of nature. This is the only therapy that affects the organisms both internally and externally via touch and perception.

Aromatherapy Massage

50 mins | 30 mins

The aromatherapy procedure uses pure essential oils to promote physical and mental well-being blending the sense of touch with smell.
Please choose from our Aroma bar, so we will custom blend the massage oil.
• Full body | 50 mins
• Partial | 30 mins

Classic Massage – Full Body

50 mins

European massage for toning and relaxation.

Partial Therapeutic Massage

30 mins

Provides relief for the people with deep muscle tension, soft tissue injuries and stress related conditions.

Underwater Jet Massage

30 mins

Energizes, improves blood circulation, helps against accumulated fat stores.

Underwater Jet Massage and Aromatherapy

30 mins

“Balinese” Massage

60 mins

An Asian-type massage, which restores the strengths after a strenuous and full with stress, physical and mental overwork, day. It eliminates the stress, tiredness and tension but in the same time, the spirit is released and the body is energized thanks to slight stretching techniques.

Facial Massage

30 mins

The manual massage improves circulation and tones the facial muscles. The procedure includes a mask, selected depending on the skin type.

Eyebrow Shaping Procedure

30 mins

Radio Frequency Lifting

40 mins

It is also called “lunchtime facelift”, which leaves no visible traces on the face. By controlled heating of the dermis and subcutaneous tissue, collagen fibers are allocated shortened and compacted without damage. The skin is firmer and denser.
• Package of 3 procedures
• Package of 5 procedures

Radio-Frequency Eye Lifting

20 mins

• Package of 3 procedures
• Package of 5 procedures

Radio-Frequency Neck Lifting

20 mins

• Package of 3 procedures
• Package of 5 procedures

WIShpro Therapy

30 mins | 40 mins

The therapy includes ‘implanting’ of serums of Hyaluronic acid, collagen, rejuvenating complex and botox by means of WiShpro Israeli technology. Immediate and visual results – rejuvenating, lifting, deep hydration and nourishing of the skin.
• 1 capsule Wishpro | 30 mins
• 2 capsule Wishpro | 40 mins


45 mins

The therapy consists of exfoliation of the skin’s top layer epidermis by controlled exfoliation and suction of the dirty and dead skin. The microdermabrasion improves the rough surface of the skin and the uneven pigmentation while stimulating the collagen production and removing fine lines and wrinkles. After the therapy the skin is clean and fresh.

Bulgarian Yoghurt Face Treatment

50 mins

Established on the basis of the Bulgarian yoghurt, the cosmetic line includes in its composition lactic bacteria, lactic proteins and lactic acids with proven rejuvenating, regenerating and refreshing effects.

Oxygen awakening – Facial Procedure | Natura Bisse

50 mins

Infuse pure oxygen to each cell of your skin. Residents of cities and smokers shall gain a lot from this detoxifying, refreshing facial therapy. The product formula is as light as air and penetrates your skin and releases molecules of pure oxygen, charging the cells, eliminating toxins and restoring the skin radiance.

Vitamin C Citrus Face Peeling | Natura Bisse

50 mins

Boost your skin’s complexion with Vitamin C – a powerful antioxidant, which restores the sun damaged skin and prevents from premature aging. The citrus peeling stimulates the skin with vitamins. Restoring serum, containing high concentration of Vitamin C, is created to stimulate the production of collagen to tighten your skin.

Inhibit Therapy | Natura Bisse

75 mins

Тhe cosmetic alternative of botox and filler microinjections.Thanks to gene- synthesized amino acid octamioxil, which relaxes muscle contractions and lipo- filtre for filling of fine wrinkles, this therapy replaces and prolongs the effect of botox and filler microinjections.

Diamond Scent For Face | Natura Bisse

75 mins

Complete anti-aging treatment that rejuvenates your skin. The procedure includes a combination of three types of massages: shiatsu massage, intensive mio-jaw lifting massage and tender aroma massage. The products from Diamond Experience exclusive line, penetrate to the deepest layers of the skin and restore damaged DNA.

NB Ceutical | Natura Bisse

50 mins

Тherapy for sensitive skin. If your skin is prone to dryness, irritation and sensitivity, then the therapy products can calm, soothe and reduce the appearance of redness and flushing. A combination of cooling ingredients and hydrating moisturizers leave skin calm and reduce discomfort from tightness or sensitivity.

The CURE | Natura Bisse

75 mins

Cleaning, detoxifying therapy. Special enzyme agents open and soften the pores, while plant elements refresh, clean and close the pores. Sirtuins are enzymes, which prevent skin-aging processes. After the therapy, your skin restores its radiance and shining appearance.

Hydradermie Double Ionization | Guinot

The Stars’ Cosmetic Choice of Therapy

60 mins

This is the most completed care for your skin. The therapy begins with a manual relaxing massage of your back, neckline, and neck. It continues with a ionization with a variety of gels for the various types of skins and areas (neckline, neck, face, and eye contour). In addition, the therapy includes specific serums for intensive care in the areas of the eyes, neck, and face.

Hydradermie Lift For Eyes | Guinot

30 mins

Hydradermie Lift for eyes stimulates the muscles around the eyes by toning and firming them. After the therapy, fine lines disappear and crow feel is reduced. Bags under the eyes are visibly reduced, and you feel fresher and relaxed.

Hydradermie lift for face | Guinot

60 mins

Hydradermie Lift is a one-of-a-kind, high tech therapy that stimulates facial muscles, tones them, and exercises a lifting effect. The drainage, in the form of a spherical electrode, eliminates toxins. The muscle stimulation acts as a bodybuilding for the tired face. After the therapy, your face looks visibly lifted and rejuvenated.

Вeaute neuve | Guinot

45 mins

A peeling therapy with fruit acids and Vitamin C. The procedure eliminates the surface layer of cells so that your skin can ‘breathe’ again. Cell renovation is accelerated and the complexion is visually fresher. The end-of-therapy application of a specially prepared mask with high contents of Vitamin C reveals the full radiance of your skin.

Deep Facial Cleansing | Guinot

90 mins

Proper skin cleansing is actually the greatest secret of a healthy and beautiful skin. Cleansing helps remove the dead layer of cells, bacteria and unclogs pores. It is adapted to the type of skin and its needs.

Liftozome | Guinot

50 mins

This is a dual action firming care. An effective and pleasant therapy with an instant in-depth effect, achieved with the help of procolagen and Vitamin C, both of which improve skin elasticity. At the end of the therapy, your face is visually rejuvenated, relaxed, lifted, and your skin is more radiant and sparkling.

Manicure “OPI”

Manicure “GELISH”

Standard Manicure “OPI”

SPA Pedicure “OPI”

Standard Pedicure “GELISH”

SPA Pedicure “GELISH”

Hair Waxing


Hair Salon