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In the moment you enter our serene spa you can feel the magic of relaxing music, scented oils and entrancing aromas, helping your body and mind relax and feel rejuvenated.

Ivelina Atanasova

SPA manager

Dear Guests, the Medical SPA center of the Grand Hotel Pomorie is a unique place where you will get health, mood and beauty! You will be served by certified specialists and well-trained employees who will treat each of you with attention and an individual approach! Our motto is “A place where happy employees work, trained and ready to give you the greatest happiness… health!”

Dr. Stefan Shishkov

Head of the Medical Center

Using the healing power of the Pomorie salt lake in combination with the unique climatic characteristics of Pomorie, enables our qualified and motivated team to create procedures, practices and programs that have an incredible effect in terms of prevention, prevention and treatment of a number of diseases of the support – the motor apparatus and the peripheral nervous system. Give us a chance to help you and stay healthy!
Spread over two floors, our spacious SPA & Balneology Center offers a holistic experience combining the benefits of its four main divisions – the SPA and Relaxation Zone, the Balneology Center, the Pools Area and the Tretment Room, situated on the second floor.
Спа център и солен басейн Гранд Хотел Поморие
relaxation and tranquility

SPA Center

In the SPA Center of Grand Hotel Pomorie, we use the healing power of the surrounding natural resources. The SPA Center of Grand Hotel Pomorie is located on over 3000 square meters. Completely renovated in 2020, it offers you relaxation and tranquility in an elegant design both in the indoor part and in the greenery of the garden where our outdoor pools are located.
treatment and procedures

Medical Center

The hotel’s medical center offers treatment and procedures related to diseases of the musculoskeletal system, skin diseases and those of the peripheral nervous system. Treatments with healing lye and mud have an excellent healing effect.


The mud treatment center offers 18 individual compartments for mud procedures. The mud is delivered to the mud treatment department directly from the Pomorie salt lake, using a specially designed system for transferring mud. This guarantees the maximum healing effect on the humen body because the mud from the Pomorie Salt Lake loses up to 50% of its healing power up to 24 hours after being taken out of the lake or having contact with oxygen.


PROFESSIONAL SKIN CARE AND EXPERIENCED BEAUTICIANS “More than 10,000 brand beauty salons worldwide and highly qualified GUINOT beauticians offer the highest standards in skin care. Their knowledge and experience, as well as the tireless work of the researchers at the GUINOT Scientific Institute, are aimed at creating the perfect care for your skin, so that it becomes more beautiful every day.” Jean-Daniel Monda, doctor of pharmacy, founder of the company The GUINOT beauticians at the Grand Hotel Pomorie are trained to analyze the condition of your skin and will offer you the most suitable facial cosmetic procedures, providing the results you desire.
Thalgo is an unparalleled expert in marine cosmetology, with more than 50 years of experience in beauty care, who explores the riches of the Ocean to extract active ingredients with unparalleled properties for regeneration, hydration, nourishment and stimulation of skin functions. Expert advice, accurate skin diagnosis, exclusive massage techniques, incredible textures and captivating aromas…Leave yourself in the experienced hands of our Thalgo experts, who are true specialists and will provide you with an unrivaled experience during therapy with the promise of visible and lasting results after the first procedure. Spa body treatments such as “Polynesian”, “Miracle of the Arctic” and “Indoocean” will take you to a feeling of harmony, health and beauty. NATURE PROTECTION Driven by the love of the sea, the Thalgo company is fully dedicated to protecting biodiversity and the environment.
VOYA’s name is derived from the English word VOYAGE and started in 1912, when the first baths offering seaweed baths opened their doors on the wild Atlantic coast, in Sligo, Ireland. Seaweed treatments are still a tradition in Ireland to this day, thanks to the Walton family. VOYA products contain 100% organic hand-harvested seaweed. Algae naturally absorb nutrients from seawater. As a result, they are abundant in minerals, vitamins and useful substances in high concentration. Комбинацията от висок клас ръчно събирани водорасли и органик есенциални масла подмагат превенцията на следите от времето и целулита, подобряват еластичността и тонуса на кожата по един напълно естествен начин. Всеки продукт е специално създаден, за да заздравява, хидратира и дълбоко да подхранва Вашата кожа, като я оставя по-стегната, по-мека и балансирана. Ваните с водорасли привличат посетители от години, като начин за релаксация, намаляване на болката или както е модерно сега – за намаляване на стреса. The combination of high-class hand-harvested algae and organic essential oils helps prevent the signs of aging and cellulite, improves skin elasticity and tone in a completely natural way. Each product is specially designed to strengthen, hydrate and deeply nourish your skin, leaving it firmer, softer and balanced. Seaweed baths have been attracting visitors for years as a way to relax, reduce pain or, as is fashionable now, to reduce stress.
Biologique Recherche Paris is a cosmetic brand with a reputation for astonishing effectiveness, based on a clinical approach to skin care using pure, concentrated active ingredients, combined with innovative and meticulous work protocols. Ivan, Josette and Philip Alloush – biologist, physiotherapist and doctor – combine their knowledge and passion to write a unique and ahead-of-its-time chapter in the history of cosmetic procedures. Exceptional personalized care – Facial cosmetic treatments are always preceded by a personalized skin diagnosis (suitable for both men and women) using a Skin Condition analysis unique to each client. Personalized approach to the body – Biologique Recherche applies its expertise in facial treatments and its personalized approach to the body, offering a complete body diagnosis, including acne, visual examination of the epidermis and bio-electro stimulation to measure and analyze body composition.

Spa etiquette

  • The appropriate clothing for the territory of the SPA center consists a bathing suit, clean slippers and a swimming hat. It is recommended to use the robe from the room.
  • It is advisable to avoid consuming heavy foods, alcohol or caffeine before or immediately after visiting the spa.
  • To maintain an atmosphere of calmness and tranquility in the relaxation areas, we kindly ask you not to speak loudly in the relaxation areas.
  • It is necessary to take a shower before using all water and thermal facilities.
  • When visiting saunas, always place a towel on the bench you are sitting on.
  • Do not use cosmetics that are not intended for use in the thermal area.
  • Jumping and diving in water facilities is not allowed.
  • It is forbidden to smoke, bring food and drinks to the spa.
  • Parent should take care of the safety and comfort of their children.
  • We advise you to not leave your valuables unattended or in the changing room. The spa does not take responsibility for lost or damaged personal belongings of the guests.
  • The use of a sauna or steam bath during pregnancy is not recommended, as well as for people who cannot withstand high temperature with high blood pressure or too low blood pressure, asthma and other respiratory problems.
  • Grand Hotel Pomorie is not responsible for accidents or injuries as a result of non-compliance with the rules and restrictions of the spa.
  • Advance booking guarantees that you will receive the desired procedure at a time convenient to you.
  • You can book an appointment from SPA reception.
  • Please inform the SPA receptionist if you suffer from certain health problems or pregnancy.
  • If necessary, you can consult our doctor.
  • In order to fully enjoy the therapy, it is good not to be late for the procedure and to come 10 minutes before the scheduled time. Delay for therapy would shorten the duration of the procedure and its effectiveness.

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